Chess VS Chinese Chess

Jan 1, 2010, 7:34 PM |

Chess is popular around the world, while Chinese chess is also popular in China, almost half of its population knows the rules.Games could be found at the yard, on the road(end game only), at QQ game(a on-line game server),etc.

I began to play Chinese when I was a kid and felt in love with it after a few games, I felt excited in the board to move pieces to fight, the game is the epitome of a real war, from this point, chess is the same with Chinese chess, however, the difference between them reflects the different culture between China and western world.

In Chines chess: 1.There is no queen on the board, it because the contribution of women was not emphasized in ancient China.

2.The pawn can not be promoted: In ancient China, everyone's destiny is pre-determined.

3.There is a cannon on the board: The time when Chinese chess was invented, cannon was invented, so the powerful cannon must be introduced on the board.

4.The king is fastened in a fort. In acient China, emperor would never go to battle, basilica is the only place where emperor stayed.Meanwhile, the emperor has 2 triggermen(士(shi) in Chinese) and 2 prime ministers(similar to bishop in chess).The king is well-protected, however, sometimes, the lack of freedom killed the king.The special fort for king results that there is no castling in Chinese chess.

5.There is a boundary called Chu River and Han boundary on the board. The boundary can be traced to the time before Han dynastry, when Liu Bang and Xiangyu shared central plains over 2000 years ago. The board of chess has no boundary of 2 sides.


Chess players may learn to play Chinese chess to understand of culture of China, the same to Chines players.