About Chess

About Chess

Nov 11, 2012, 5:11 PM |

Our emotions, our life, our plays, the highs and lows. It is all just whats compromises a human being.

I'd like to begin by raising a few questions for us all to ponder over before I continue to comment on my experiences of chess.

  • Is there any luck involved in chess?
  • What is the best strategy to improve your chess skills? 
  • Is there more to winning in chess?


About Chess

Chess is a sport which cannot be explained by simple human emotions, its beauty, the creation, the art of one board, 2 minds commander of their armies for their victories, our losses, our draws. Even the pieces are so unique for the way they move.

A dear friend  of mine has posted several blogs concerning these topics, I strongly recommend you to have a look at it them. 




Making choices in life is sometimes similar chess to me. A part of life is that we sometimes take risks (or precautionary action to ensure we have made the right choice). These are opportunities in which there is hidden treasure, treasure in the form of experience and knowledge. There always be time to improve and play, it is never the end of the world in one game.

One aspect of chess which intrigues me is that it will never go away. Its always will be there, in one form or another. For the many who play it, the many who have passed away.

Now I don't know much about the history of it, but I do have a passion for it. Chess has influenced the way I perceive and approach obstacles in my life.


Does Chess have any Luck?

No chess doesn't have any luck, allow me to explain it. The question at heart is, what is luck?. 

"Success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one's own actions".

Trust me when I say "there is no luck in chess", only good/bad moves. My friend kiwi has constructed a blog which addresses this issue, http://blog.chess.com/kiwi_overtherainbow/good-chess-bad-chess---good-luck-bad-luck.

The only reasons we play bad moves is because of either stress, anxiety, depression, bother and others. The negative emotion will cause you lose your games more and more, sometimes you don't know why you played it.

If your experiencing a bad run of chess games, the best solution would be to take a break, clear your mind, hang out with your friends or family, your hobbies, anything that does not have chess involved.


How and when do we improve our playing? 

Well in my experience and playing chess, I would say trust yourself when you are playing. There always time to try improving your chess game. Opening, Middle Game and Endgame. But one thing before you learn those things, you need is confidence. Confidence is trusting yourself no matter what. The only things is, I can address players that are beginners or intermediate level for how to improve. If you want to improve the easiest method is to study your games. If you are paid membership in chess.com thats great as it offers a variety of addional functions to help you improve. The Analysis board is key, you should always analyze your own faults and your opponents mistakes and ensure you capitalize on them the next time. Having a chess partner is a great way to improve also, not only will it be fun to go through a game with a friend but also provide you a seond opinion. It is advisable your chess partner at least be of the same level as you. 


Also I will suggest some chess books I brought, and I hope its does you justice as it did with me.


1001 Winning Chess Sacrifices and Combinations By Fred Reinfeld

1001 Brilliant Ways Checkmate By Fred Reinfeld

Silman's Complete Endgame Course By Jeremy Silman

The Amateur's Mind By Jeremy Silman


How to cope with a loss

Many things happen which can be seen at any level of chess play,  if one loses a game or a few back to back, we begin to lose our mind, wondering what we are doing wrong, thinking others might be cheating and so on. The key to coping is:


Sit back, don't play a game if you not thinking straight.

Take some deep breaths to calm yourself down.

Do something else for a bit, like take a walk. 

Make sure you clear your mind before you start again.


I hope you enjoyed reading this blog I made, I'd like to thank Kiwi for proof-reading and editing this blog.

I hope you all have fun playing chess, see you around on live chess.