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The brilliance of Gioachino Greco

The brilliance of Gioachino Greco

Jun 7, 2016, 10:00 PM 2

Gioachino Greco was a chess player of the 16th century. He invented the Greco Gambit(look below)that became very popular, and it still popular among club players against the Giuoco Piano.


Gioachino Greco was especially good at king hunts, chasing the opponent's king and checkmating in the beginning of the game through a series of checks. 

This first game started with the Fried Liver Attack, with Greco as white. 

The second game, Greco also white, started with the KIng's Gambit:

These games all start with a sac and end with mate. Now let's see the final game: 

Did you find the mate? Obviously its 24. Be3#.


Yes, Greco was an amazing player. I hope you enjoyed this post! Next post, I will talk about the games of Wilhelm Steinitz!

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