Minor Piece Battle: 2 Knights Caged and Slaughtered in a Closed Position

Aug 13, 2014, 9:51 PM |
At a gig, upon learning I play chess, I was challenged to a 3-day correspondence game by my musical colleague Bill.  Little did I know he is competitive USCF player with a live tournament rating of over 1900!  This slav game (Schallop Defense Variation) became a battle of minor pieces: his bishop and knight vs. my 2 knights.  I managed to close the board, but he used my own plan against me, beautifully eliminating all of my potential knight posts while carrying out a ruthless and thoroughly calculated attack.  Bill played an outstanding game and completely schooled me.  Hopefully I'll fare better in our rematch!
I've done some of my own analysis and annotated some of the key moves.  The listed rating represent our relative playing strength over the board.