King's gambit: what will you often see in blitz game

This is collection of my blitz, King's gambit and its variation.

1.  C33 King's Gambit Falkbeer countergambit. This refutation often played in most senior level as the lines are very sharp. A little mistake from both sides will cause them the entire game. This is a double-edge variation

2. C39 King's Gambit. King's Knight gambit. Played usually in middle level since the move 4. H4 is often being overlooked by club/novice level player. This is also a sharp opening and requires meticulous calculation in middle game which often disregard in blitz game
3. C34 King's Gambit Fisher defense. Perhaps the most common refutation seen in middle/club player. Black will try to be positional and defensive; to refute white's aggressive play and extra development


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    The Falkbeer pretty well disappeared from over-the-board chess in Britain in the 1970s because according to most theorists White gets a permanent edge; I’m amazed how much it’s played in internet blitz.  In the first game here 5Qe2 is an improvement; so in my opinion is 6Qxd3.  The second game is a Kieseritsky gambit, which Black played badly from move 6 on.  He was already basically losing by move 8.  In the third game White missed 14Bxf7+ winning the rook.  Black’s 4....Bg4 is a bad move, but so in return is White’s 6h4.  After that Black needs to get his Kt to h5 to defend the front f-pawn.  Once he fails to do that he’s losing.

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    The best opening move in a blitz game is an opening move that your opponent least expect. This will gives them sometime to think of a good reply. In blitz, TIME is a factor - no matter how good is your game but if you lose on are still losing your game.

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    yes Qe2 would be good in blitz game as it gave black enourmous pressure on its position. However, in senior level the line is 5 dxe4 Nxd4 as in Tal vs Broinsten 1968

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    The move 5.Nc3 is a losing move in the Falkbeer if black has the theories in that opening. 5.Qe2 is the correct move I believe. I heard, the Falkbeer is a sharp opening for black that almost made King's gambit an obsolete opening. I am not an expert but among the improvements that you can check are the Nf3 going to Nd2 preventing the pin prior to moving Nc3.

    On the second game I suggest going into the Muzio Gambit. This is the main reason why 4...g4 is rarely seen now among the top players.

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