King's gambit: what will you often see in blitz game

Jun 30, 2011, 3:53 AM |

This is collection of my blitz, King's gambit and its variation.

1.  C33 King's Gambit Falkbeer countergambit. This refutation often played in most senior level as the lines are very sharp. A little mistake from both sides will cause them the entire game. This is a double-edge variation

2. C39 King's Gambit. King's Knight gambit. Played usually in middle level since the move 4. H4 is often being overlooked by club/novice level player. This is also a sharp opening and requires meticulous calculation in middle game which often disregard in blitz game
3. C34 King's Gambit Fisher defense. Perhaps the most common refutation seen in middle/club player. Black will try to be positional and defensive; to refute white's aggressive play and extra development