How I beat, not one NM, but TWO ..

How I beat, not one NM, but TWO ..

Jan 23, 2018, 8:46 PM |
Welcome to my 2nd game showcase!
A typical morning chess breakfast, getting ready to work!
like many other chessplayers "who actually work" no pun intended!
Sitting on the toilet minding my business!
Just like many of you out there grin.png Grin happily faces I can see you all!
Should I play 10 Bullet games or one Blitz game? -asking myself.
Out of no where BOOM get matched with a NM!
You know that feeling kinda feels like finding a 4 leaf clover 🍀
I go for c4 hoping this NM will not abort the games, guess what?
I grabbed his attention in a heart beat.
Leave you with the game and objectives in the comments.

Unfortunately, for him, he made a joke out of himself.

I kindly told him "You made my morning"! Guess what? He ran like a coward.

And if it proves anything, shall you put effort into chess study, indeed a prosperous chess career is ahead of you.

As a human being and a doctor, I'd like to dedicate this game to help treat the ill behavior of similar cowardliness acts, even if it comes from a CHESS MASTER!