Change Of Plan. I’ve Had Enough!

Change Of Plan. I’ve Had Enough!

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This was one of those moments where you work, work, work towards something and then boom! The reality hits. You realize that all the work and effort you’ve put into a project was … a waste.

My project – the Pirc Defense. Since the Canadian Open, I’ve met with a chess Master to analyze my games. He told me that I played too passively for black, with my Pirc. I know. So, if I were to continue playing serious chess – I should either switch openings, or know the Pirc really, really well. The stubborn woman I am, I went for the latter. I dedicated ALL of my little free time on studying the Pirc and all its nuances. I practiced playing it against Boris, my AI chess machine, set to Expert level, over and over, with a drawish, but mostly negative results. Losing against Boris over and over just stirred me up to go deeper and deeper into the Pirc study.

I didn’t realize I was closing myself in a box, tighter and tighter.

At last, I decided to consult a GM. What am I doing wrong in my games?  I asked. “I see you don’t like the center,” he said. “Oh, and for your style, consider playing something else.”


Something else?? After I’ve vested my entire self into the Pirc? That hurt! Seriously hurt. Like a major injury. My sole consolation was that maybe my Pirc knowledge will be somewhat transferrable.

I decided to try the Petroff first.

Guess what? Just after looking at a few lines and getting the hang of it, I played Boris. And finally, FINALLY(!!) I won!

I cannot tell you enough how liberating it was to play 1. … e5 for black. I feel like I’ve broken out of the box and I’m finally free! I can play normal chess once again!

This experience was like being in love with a jerk. He's is all you can think about. And you suffer and suffer (because he’s a jerk), until one day you realize what a jerk he's been and meet someone else – your true love. And then you are like – oh, hee-hee, I was so blind…

It’s that moment – when your mindset shifts and you see the world in a whole new light. And it’s beautiful. And amazing!

Here is my game against Boris. Not perfect, but pretty good.

Now, I gotta get to work. A LOT of work! But I’m excited.

As for the Jerk, I mean the Pirc, I will still keep it for special occasions. Pirc Defense is not bad. It could be a good match for someone else. But for the time being, I pass ... 

And so, the Beast is out!

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