How To Instantly Bump Up Your Rating. Tip #1

How To Instantly Bump Up Your Rating. Tip #1


Want to quickly increase your rating by say 50+ points? Forget about reading yet another book, or watching yet another online chess course. Instead … are you ready for this? Are you sure? Here it is: find your mojo, your Joie De Vivre (Joy of Life).

What the heck, you might ask? That’s right babe! Sometimes, instead of consuming more of the outside resources, you gotta look deep within yourself. Find that Joie De Vivre energy you have and use it to your advantage. When you’ve been stuck with the same old rating for months and months, despite playing and studying chess, you have to re-invent yourself. Go for a long(er) run in a new hood, take up some kick-boxing, plunge into a cold shower, put on new clothes, shave your head … Do whatever it takes to make yourself feel good about yourself.

And then, when you feel that vibe arising from within, go and play a few chess games, while riding that vibe. You’ll see you will feel more confident. You will use your chess knowledge you already have and you’ll fight … until you win!

I’ve used this trick this week to bump up my mid 1900 rating to 2000 because I’ve had enough of being in that sluggish 1900 rating limbo. I wanted to break through … and I did.

Without first realizing it, I put on my brand-new tank-top (see the photo) and voila – I felt revived. I looked different, and I felt different - younger, confident, more energetic. The message on the tank-top really reminded me to, once again, live my life louder, bolder, fuller, and to take on more risk. I translated this energy into my chess games. I played louder, bolder, and with more risk … and reward.

Who would have thought … a new tank-top, eh!?

joie de vivre

Happy Joie De Vivre everyone! I hope you too, will find your mojo, your Joie De Vivre, in everydays’ small vanities, or otherwise … and kick some @ss!