Let's Do This, Canada!

Let's Do This, Canada!

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Dear Canadians,

What an exciting time for all of us! How many of you would love to see our favourite game of chess supported by the Canadian Government? We can now make this happen … with a bit of YOUR help!

When it comes to chess, for decades we’ve been lagging behind many countries all over the world. These countries have long recognized the demand for physical and mental strength required to compete in chess tournaments and the intense, fierce competitive aspect that comes along. These countries have recognized chess as a sport. They fund and support their chess players. It is time for us, Canadians, to step up our game and make this recognition at the Federal level too. Chess in Canada deserves Government funding, support and recognition.

What You Can Do

It’s easy! Please go to the following link and take 1 minute of your time to sign the petition to the Government of Canada to recognize chess as a sport. You will get a confirmation email and will need to click on a link there to confirm. Done! Share this petition with your friends. And don’t forget to ask your grandmother to sign too!  

If you’d like to go an extra mile and have some fun, please share your chess photos on any social media with hashtags #ChessIsaSport #ChessIsaSportCanada 

Every one of your signatures counts!

Why Chess In Canada Deserves Funding

Chess is not just a sport. It’s an intellectual game. It's art. It's science. It's everything. It keeps our minds smart and sharp, and our selves disciplined and organized. It helps children succeed in school and in life. Many studies have published the benefits of chess on cognitive development and performance, for people of all ages.

In 2022, the Canadian Government has spent millions of dollars funding sports such as hockey, curling, cricket, etc. Zero was spent on chess. This puts us, Canadian chess players, at a large disadvantage compared to so many nations all over the world.

I am thinking about all the talented chess children of Canada who are unable to travel to a chess tournament because of financial reasons. I am thinking about the scarcity of chess tournaments being held in this country. I am thinking about all the ambitious chess players who find it difficult to get a norm here because of the lack of opportunities. I am thinking about the tremendous talent and potential we have in Canada that would not materialize and shine, unless we change something today!

Is Chess Really A Sport?


For those who still like to question and debate, anyone who has played in a classical tournament would attest to how much physical endurance is required to think through a game, hours on end! Being in top physical shape is a must. But the definition of “sport” goes much beyond the physical exertion. It’s about being competitive. It’s about strategic thinking, planning and execution. It’s about preparation and facing your opponents, analyzing their strength and weaknesses and tending to your own. Let’s not forget about the psychological aspect of sports, the stamina and concentration required to compete and win. And how we become the disciplined, driven, goal oriented people when we compete. Sports is a lot of things!

Further, please take a look at this article: Is Chess A Sport?

Lastly, it is important to remember that:

The purpose of this petition is to help the Canadian government recognize chess for what it is - a valuable, noble game that is way more than just a "boardgame." This recognition would open so many doors for so many Canadian chess players. And, perhaps even help introduce chess as part of the school curriculum. For all of that, we need your signatures. 

Parting Notes

This is our chance, CAN-do Canadians! Let’s make an impact! Please sign and share! And spread the word. We have a small window to accomplish this.

The petition has been initiated by Olga Mushtaler, the VP of the Canadian Chess Federation. 

Former Canadian Girls Chess Champion (1999 tied for 1st, 2001 1st place)

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