We, Women In Chess

We, Women In Chess

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In a checkered Kingdom ruled by kings
Where we adore our precious queens,
A shadow creeps ‘n this game for two
And trembling voice whispers - “Me too.”  

We, women in chess, we speak our truth
We’ve been harassed, we’ve been abused.
In silence, we cannot remain,
Let not our truth be told in vain! 

Our cries are met with doubting eyes,
As if our pain and words are lies.
A dissonance that cuts so deep
Into our souls. We cannot sleep. 

When we speak up, we feel ashamed,
Put up with hatred and feel blamed
For someone else’s misconduct
On social media, we’re attacked. 

Much has been voiced, scant action taken,
Since our crusade in chess awakened. 
What would it take? An open letter?
To change the world for the better. 

No, we will not wait for change,
When chess officials rearrange.
We are the change. We have the power
To fight in the darkest hour! 

Soul-sisters, we will stand united,
Support each other when we’re frightened.
Justice and peace we shall retrieve,
To our cherished game – Let us believe!  

-Written in support of all female chess players who have emerged with negative experiences in chess. Speaking up is really difficult, I know that from experience, but the more we speak up, the easier it will be, and the more likely we'll see a change for the better ...

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Cover photo credit to: Alexei Rebrov @Expeditionframe

Former Canadian Girls Chess Champion (1999 tied for 1st, 2001 1st place)

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