Dec 12, 2008, 4:42 PM |

Hello Chess Friends,

I hate to make this post. Seriously, I know it is cliché'. I know everyone bitches, I do. I am new here and need to post my feelings on these issues as they often dominate the forums. Well, let me get it out of the way then. I will use my second blog entry to talk about the two most discussed and over discussed topics.

I have never had so many checkmates in my life since I joined this site. I have played at Yahoo,, and more importantly a few years at the ICC, and never have I experienced the good fortune to checkmate so many of my fellow chess players.

I remember my first week at the ICC. I was down a piece in a bad position against a strong player commented.." it is appropriate to resign, it is good etiquette." I understood immediately. Out of respect to your opponent, resign in position not worth playing further. There are many arguments as to why one would continue a lost position. For example, it is a learning experience, I have the right, or there is always a chance. On some level, each of these has merits; however, let's be honest there really is not much of a chance and what are you really going to learn from your lone King being hunted down? As for having the right, well you do, as a poor sport.

Let's face it we all want to be strong chess players, or we would not be part of this community, no?  Part of understanding how to play chess well, is acknowledging common etiquette. This is true of many hobbies. I love to wine taste. Here is a hint, you should always hold your wine glass by the is how you tell a novice from one with experience. Nothing is truer than someone who sniffs the cork...that is just laughable. Similarly, and if not laughable, strong players find those who play to the end annoying. Generally, you look foolish letting you opponent queen three times. Has you opponent ever queened to a lesser piece? If so you played on way too long. Ok, I made my point etiquette in chess is something we all should abide by..just my opinion.

On that note, let's move onto the other cliché' of the chess forum, cheaters. I have played lots of chess. I am not actually a good player mind you. I have lost to the same 11 year-old about four times OTB..that kid loves to see me.  Really you should see his cute little smile when I sit down at the board. It makes my ego shutter with fear. Regardless, I have never used a computer engine for help during play. I own Shredder 9 as my standard engine, but actually do not use it too much, even to analyze.

So, let us get back to cheating. I have mentioned this numerous times. If you think that cheaters are not everywhere, then really you are naive. Let be realistic...cheaters have been caught at OTB tournaments… are you kidding me? I hate to be the man of reason, but...let's face it.

So why would someone cheat? Here are my thoughts. First, paranoia comes to mind. I have been in numerous games where I was sure the dude was up to no good. I hate to beat someone, and then be simply destroyed in the rematch...happens more than by chance. That said, I think people cheat mostly because they think that the person that just beat them also cheated. Second, there is this subset of players, who simply want to improve their over the board game. These clowns leave their engine running, and check the move they plan to use against the computer, so they never make a blunder. BTW-this is the best way to use an engine without being noticed, just play moves you pick that the computer does not consider insane. Generally, you still will win 99% of your games.

That is my piece, and I will no longer reference these topics in my blog. No need to comment.