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My First Blog

My First Blog

Dec 2, 2008, 8:09 PM 1

Well, I have joined chess.com. First, let me say, I have been very pleased with the services Chess.com has to offer. Let me introduce myself. I am Momadu, and the avatar to the right is my lovely pup Luna the Boxer. Yes, she is a white boxer. As I write she is nudging me to play ball. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area; however, born and raised on the East Coast of Maine. Just as a note, I did have electricity growing up. We did have an outhouse. Despite my name, I am not a mother; I am actually a 30ish father to be. I suspect that over the course of my blogging, I will explain my position on chess situations. I doubt highly, I will publish any games, unless a situation arises that warrants me embarrassing myself wholly. I look forward to sharing my ideas and interests with you all.


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