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Annotated game against NicolaasDieBaas

Annotated game against NicolaasDieBaas

Jul 13, 2015, 10:07 AM 1

Tips for this game:

 Queen and rooks are normally developed last. They are the so called heavy pieces. You use them to protect your pawns or minor pieces in the field. Later if you got everything developed you can attack with those pieces as well.

You were to busy with e4. Try to develop all your pieces, this way you will play much stronger chess. I won this game because my king was safe so I could start attacking you with all my pieces working together.

You gave up both your bishops for my knights. Don't give your bishops so easily. Often times bishops become stronger when the board becomes more empty with pawns and pieces.

If you don't study opening theory try to get a development like this going for both sides: This way you won't start the middlegame with a disadvantage like our game

Or you could try putting the bishops on c4/b5 or f4/g5. And for black c5/b4 and f5/g4.

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