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DHLC Learn the French On-Line Tournament

DHLC Learn the French On-Line Tournament

Oct 25, 2013, 3:17 PM 12

I played the game below with JUICE teammate Okiemann888 in the DHLC Learn The French Online Tournament. I think I made two major mistakes during the match, one of which cost me the game. The first was my hesitance to move cxd4 early during the game, and the second, which ultimately resulted in a loss, was Kxf7 on move 30. Although I have played opponents who have used the French, this tournament marked the first time I played the French as black, and even more significant, the tournament made me interested in learning the French and playing it in the future.


As you can see below, if I moved Rxa1 on move 30, the game would have been quite different. Kxf7 was a major blunder!



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