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Pushing The Moon (1)

Pushing The Moon (1)

Aug 22, 2011, 7:32 AM 1

It's about time I started my own blog. I've seen a few others and It seems like fun. Plus I have a story that might interest some people. I've been playing chess for a few years but only started playing seriously for a few months. I've played in six tournaments to date and my current uscf rating is 1276.

Though my rating is dismal.. I must admit that I am underrated. My estimated playing strength otb is high C class to low B class I beleive. (Approxiamately 1400-1600). If you've seen any of my forum posts or have played a decent game against me that fact should be easy to beleive.

My goal is to ultimately get my chess skills to the point where I can raise a few thousand dollars for my college education. So far I've only made $81.00. (USD). I think that's pretty good for only a few months work. There are a few colleges offering chess scholarships through tournaments so this isn't an entirely unrealistic plan.

This blog will be called "Pushing The Moon" because it is an account of my progression in Chess. I'll post all my updates here instead of on my profile like I've done in the past. This past weekend I played a 1900. I didn't realize his rating until after the match, because I tend to not look at my opponents rating before the match. Mainly for the reason I tend to overestimate or underestimate my opponent when I do this. The game can be viewed below. I must admit that I blundered an exchange and blew my chance of actually beating him. The position was equal enough, with winning chances for both sides.

Your opinion on the game and most notably the final position would be appreciated. Anyways...


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