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Pushing The Moon (2): Build Up The Momentum!

Pushing The Moon (2): Build Up The Momentum!

Aug 30, 2011, 5:12 AM 3

School's starting so I expect to be on a lot less. Pretty much only in the mornings. I plan to hit the books hard this year because it's my junior year of highschool.. (the last year that really counts for colleges) and this is also one of the last years I can wholely dedicate myself to chess.

Anyway. Any good attacker knows that it's a good to identify and utilize your enemies weakness'. Almost any square in your opponents control can be taken away with the right amount of force. If you keep building up the force on the square you want, eventually your opponent will not be able to keep up the pressure on that square, or will make weakening moves to defend it.

When I attack, I try to identify my opponents most critical and weakest square and hone down on it. Because if you pull out the foundation, the building will come down with it. Meaning that if you can destroy the most important square in his defense, all the other squares will slowly crumble.

Here's the game.

 Hope you enjoyed the game!

I got to go for school! MK OUT! :D

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