My student applying the learned stuff on practice

My student applying the learned stuff on practice

WGM Morshynska

My student from the US has won a nice game recently applying the principles learned in our online lessons about dynamic play, which is the area that I wanted him to improve at, because his natural talent and inclination is first of all for positional play, closed kind of positions, long-term planning and maneuvering and all that sort of stuff.

The opening, Nimzo-Indian defense, is also one of the principal openings I've been playing for years in tournaments and made the student like it as well

Now you can have a look at the whole game, just before looking at the separate diagrams with the key moments explained below  -

The whole opening was played on a pretty high level by Black, exploiting in quite a convincing way all the inaccuracies by White, and got a better development and great outposts for his pieces, and now it is a time to add a dynamic to the position, having accumulated the multiple small advantages. Actually there are many ways which keep a stable advantage there, but the continuation selected by student is by far the most convincing. I was happy to see him sacrificing one of his pawns there, in order to open ways to all his pieces, which are ready and looking forward to enter the game with a decisive effect 
25...d4! was played, sacrificing the pawn on c5, which was accepted by White.
After a small sequence of obvious moves, there was another position -
27...Ne4 was played in the game, which is also great, puts a small fork, but also 27...Rb2 instead looks like a main consideration, and it led to beautiful lines, which involve play on all the board. For example, 28.Rc2 Qg3, threatening checkmate, 29. Bf3 Bxf3, and White's pieces result as too overloaded -
I hope you enjoyed the post and the game 
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