Self-study in Chess

Self-study in Chess

WGM Morshynska

I touched upon this topic in my last article. Being able to learn via observation and analysis is part of what makes Chess a marvelous game. In many different fields, people say that self-study is the key to moving forward. Watching my students reminds me of how it holds even in this game.

One of my students utilised the wisdom he drew from an old game of mine to secure victory against a strong adversary. This was quite an improvement from his past self. The growth was proof of how seriously he has taken my advice and how determined he was to improve himself. Nothing else explained the drive to study games played back in 2008. 

Here is my game, which he has used as an inspiration -

Huda, Maryana (2278) vs Kalinina, Olga (2231)

Date: 2008-03-06
Event: ch-UKR Girls u20, Odessa UKR
Round: 2
Result: 1-0
Opening: English Opening, King's English Variation, Kramnik-Shirov Counter (A21)

And below is his one -

[Date "2020.04.06"]
[White "Morshynskiy1"]
[Black "saleemarhemo2009"]
[Result "1-0"]
[WhiteElo "2014"]
[BlackElo "1893"]
[TimeControl "900+10"]

To put my students on the path of self-learning is something I consider as an accomplishment. Right now, I am hoping many more of my students would learn much the same way.

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