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my out of time wins!!! what happened!!!

my out of time wins!!! what happened!!!

Feb 15, 2011, 10:00 AM 0

You know I've been playing now for a minute... my last profile on chess.com as chessmastershivah, I went 2,893 wins-999 loses- 1 draw... now on my new chess.com profile i'm currently 3-1-0. And this time around I noticed something different... The out of time wins I had did not get added to my record, not fair. A game is a game and I think if I sit here two days playing a person then all of a sudden that person run out of time, not my concern, my win... why isn't it on my record I should be 10-1 right now. Not cool. I played all them games for them to not count, why have time limits then, it use to not be like that. Don't you think that's messed up!!!- MR. CHESS MASTER SHIVAH- winnin' big!!!

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