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January Thaw, Round 2: Bud Lite, Pop Tarts, and a Happy Train Wreck

Jan 27, 2014, 6:33 PM 0

After my grueling first round game, which lasted nearly the full three hours, I had about twenty five minutes to recuperate. Thinking I had a little more than that, I went up to the hotel resaurant to have a beer and a quick lunch. I got my drink first, a Bud Lite (perhaps with a little more time or a little less chess my brain could have managed a more tasteful selection, but it did the job). A short while later, another player informed me the next round was to begin in ten minutes. I had already finished the drink, so no chance to avoid alchohol effects, and needing to eat something I stopped by the vending machine and snagged a couple frosted strawberry Pop Tarts. I had hydration... I had blood sugar... I was ready. Ready for this:


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