Montana Closed 2014, Round 3

Nov 17, 2014, 4:50 PM |

In the third round I was paired with James, one of the previous year's co-champions. We played an Alekhine, which I had never had in a tournament game before. A knew a few moves, but things went more or less swimmingly for him until a big blunder in the endgame left me up the exchange, after which I converted the point with relative ease.

After the game my opponent grumbled "I win that endgame 95% of the time." I grinned a little at the thought of how much I cared about that fact. He then congratualted me on the game and promptly abandonded the tournament. His replacement was Wilton, who happened to be there playing in an open tournament, and who was in much better form. I don't think I would have been altogether happy to be one of the people set to play James in the next rounds, but I was finished with my James/Wilton combo opponent for the tourney, so I took the point and left to enjoy beer and food with chess buddies at a great local watering hole.