Six year old Benjamin Hamp refutes Bruce Pandolfini's analysis.

Mar 29, 2013, 12:32 AM |

Bruce Pandolfini is a great communicator and teacher. I have enjoyed his books and his monthly Chess Life instructional series Solitaire Chess for many years. I recently used the November 2012 article, Excitement in the Four Knights as an online lesson for my student Benjamin Hamp and when on move 16, Benjamin wanted to capture the e-pawn I read to him from the article that it was not advised and would lead to a bad line for White. He insisted that he could take the pawn and showed me the hole in Pandolfini's analysis. 

Here is the game and quotes from the article.

The key move 20. Kxf2 is sound and White is simply winning. Benjamin turned six years old this month and was five when the USCF February list of top 100 players under 7 years old was published. He was then number 53, but was the highest rated five year old in the USCF.