Brothers He vs Brothers Doknjas Bullet Match Today!

NM Mr_Penings
Dec 3, 2016, 1:14 AM |

As many of you may know, ChessNut6453v3 (Joshua D, the little chess-playing chestnut from Canadialand) and I have a "friendly rivalry". In over the board tournament matches, I have a 0.5/2 record against him, but I have gotten revenge I guess from crushing him more times in bullet on We are both very competitive with each other in everything we do, but we agree that we are of similar strength. One day, we decided to start a match here on


Originally planned to be a ChessNut vs Mr_Penings match, we changed it to be Brothers He vs Brothers Doknjas match. My brother Sam (NocheatingKid) will join my team and ChessNut's brother John (NeutralBacon) will join the Doknjas team. The match will take place December 3, 2016 (Yes, today...) at 7pm to 9pm PST right here on Live Chess on The time control is 1 1 bullet. Below is the format for the match

Round 1 (7pm - 8pm)

Mr_Penings (Team He) vs ChessNut6453v3 (Team Doknjas)

NocheatingKid (Team He) vs NeutralBacon (Team Doknjas)

Round 2 (8pm - 9pm)


Mr_Penings (Team He) vs NeutralBacon (Team Doknjas)

NocheatingKid (Team He) vs ChessNut6453v3 (Team Doknjas)




The players will continue to play bullet games of 1 1 time control for the entire length of the round, alternating colors. When the time is up, the players will finish their games in progress and then the scores of each player is added to their team score. The second round, opponents will be switched and play will continue for the second hour. After the second round, the team with the higher score wins the match!




This match is just a "friendly" match with no prizes or any tangible items for winning. But the winning team has bragging rights and stuff like that, so this still is quite a competitive match (at least to the players it is). If you'd like to spectate the match, come on and observe us anytime from 7pm - 9pm PST and cheer us on! It really is fun to watch, and I'm excited to play chess for 2 hours straight (although I may be tired...)!




Thank you! See you at 7pm! Good luck to Team Doknjas! Sealed