Daniel He - Samuel He 0-1

NM Mr_Penings
Sep 23, 2014, 5:17 PM |

Hello! Haven't posted in a long time...

I recently played my brother SamHe (nocheatingkid on chess.com) in a tournament game, and it was a crazy game. Usually, we agree on a short draw in tournament games whenever we play, but this time, we both decided to play it out. I knew Samuel had prepared lots against my normal opening 1. c4, so i had to play something new. Due to some private issues, I did not have time to study any opening. At the board, I randomly decided to play 1. Nf3 followed by b3. Here is the game...it's an exciting one. I hope you enjoy it. Laughing


it was a good game, terrible ending though. interestingly, when i played Qxd4 (my last move before i was mated), I had thoughts of me winning the game. LOL..crazy. well played brother.