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Hanqi's poisoned white knight on g8

Hanqi's poisoned white knight on g8

Jun 29, 2017, 1:32 AM 16

I played a bullet 1 0 match against Hanqi today. It was fun with a lot of interesting and exciting games. The match result was close to even, and indeed the games were very close. However, this blog post will be of a particularly interesting game which I have called "The Poisoned Knight game"! Here it is, enjoy.


The white knight made it's journey from b1-a3-c4-e3-g4-h6-g8! The poisoned knight won the game for Hanqi. Hope you all enjoyed reading this unique chess game. I plan on posting more mini-blogposts over the course of the summer as I'll be more active in live chess. Thanks for reading!





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