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Smith-Morra Gambit

Apr 2, 2013, 4:40 PM 2



















I would like to share my findings about the Smith-Morra gambit. As a beginning player I am not a big fan of playing against the Sicilian, there are many different possibilities and because of that it's difficult to play against. I found that the Smith-Morra gambit is a good way of playing against the Sicilian, without playing the Sicilian style. After 1. e4 c5 white plays 2. d4 nevertheless. Now black usually captures with 2. .. cxd4. White follows with 3. c3, offering an exchange. If black captures with 3. .. dxc3 white should play 4. Nxc3. At this point white might be behind a pawn, but already has a pawn at the centre and a knight developed. Black has nothing developed yet and has only a hole at c7. This position is very playable for both sides. White should get its light bishop at c4 and play Nf3 soon. I always have great fun playing this gambit. It gives an open straightforward game.

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