Winning against an annoying player?

Apr 11, 2010, 4:40 PM |


Today I lost one game by a terrible blunder, and won one because of my opponent's incredible blunder (which I present now). Please help me analize how I could have done better on it.

I played against a opponent rated at 1138 (before the game), being mine at 944. He just seemed to me to be a greedy one. He started by disabling the chat (which makes sense, since he only seems to pick games against <1000 players to gain rating I guess). Also, most of his losses seems to come from 900-1000 rated players :P


So this is the endgame... I seriously had lost all hopes of winning and moved my rook to e7 making a last struggle there. White's queen started getting all my pawns so I was planning on resigning soon.

But what a blunder my opponent made!

This is how it ended.

My opponent moved his h8 rook to e8!
I'm still developing my game, so this defensive formation he used was totally unknown to me. Anybody care to explain it for me? Also, how can I play against it?
I'm happy since I won, but I had several holes in a lot of my moves... but I'm doing better now than a week ago :P
Here is the complete game if anybody cares: