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A lucky escape!

A lucky escape!

Apr 27, 2014, 1:52 AM 1
After a recent return to Chess.com I've started playing with some friends on Standard 3-day games, where I have plenty of time to think and make good moves. To keep me sharp in between waiting for these slow-pokes to play, I dived into a 30-minute game here.

Early on I played for structural weaknesses, and in my excitement for some tactical possibilities that developed, I ignore my opponent's own scary tactics and ended up in a bad exchange. However, you always have to play this stuff out at my lowly level, because you never know when you might get an opportunity back into a game! Here is the story of a late game comeback, led by a valiant White Knight and his noble King! Tongue Out
I've added a lot of annotations and thoughts so that any ~1200-level players like myself can better understand what's going on. Note that compared to high-level players, there were likely many errors in the game!

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