Week 4: Going the Extra Mile

Sep 25, 2013, 11:45 AM |

First of all, I'd like to apologize for the lateness of this report -- this is not going to bring us the sweet, sweet page views that we crave. To make up for it we're offering our dozens of fans MORE CONTENT, including a match preview for week 5.

Week 4 Review

We had a 200 point rating advantage at the start of the match. We won.


Week 5 Prediction

Let's see... on Board 1, Sam Shankland has white against Mikhail Kekelidze. Last year, in the same situation, the game was a draw. This time we I have a feeling we'll need the full point.

On Board 2, Steve Winer faces a tough task with black against Michael Rohde. Steve's been our MVP so far, but there is a big rating gap and the colors don't work out.

On Board 3, Mika Brattain has white against Jay Bonin. I think this is the key game of the match. Hey, look at this:















Man, I'd love to stay there. It has mini-golf!

Finally, Lawyer Times has black against Zachary Tanenbaum on Board 4. Tanenbaum played a nice game as white against Minear in Week 3, so this isn't a layup despite the rating difference.

So, to sum up, I predict -- A CONNECTICUT VICTORY!

(Relevant: I am always wrong about this stuff. What do I know?)