Puzzle of the month [September]

Sep 1, 2011, 11:41 PM |

As promised, the puzzle of September is here. Being the first month I submit a monthly puzzle here, I'd like to explain my system: On 2nd of each month, I will submit a puzzle. The puzzle difficulty varies on the month, bellow you can see a tab with the months and difficulties, as well as additional notes:

January Hard (>1500) Allways a championship puzzle
February Medium (~1300) Taken from my own games
March Hard (>1500) First spring puzzle
April Trick (-) April fools puzzle.
May Easy (<1200) -
June Easy (<1200) -
July Medium (~1300) Middle of summer puzzle
August Hard (>1500) End of summer puzzle
September Easy (<1200) -
October Medium (~1500) -
November Easy (<1200) Fireworks puzzle style

                    December           Easy (<1200)         None

 A slight note on my behalf is that on april the puzzle will be shown in 1st of april and will be an "April fools!" puzzle, which means it won't be an ordinary type of puzzle, but a puzzle in which you'll be able to do illegal moves, such as move a pawn 3 squares, move a rook diagonally and a bishop horizontally/vertically.

 So, here's september puzzle: