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"How Slow"

"How Slow"

Mar 23, 2010, 8:57 AM 0

How slow can you go? [8x]

You could move slower than I ever really thought you could,
Clock sounds, times up!
Outside of the board jiggling out your Queen,
All your pieces in my line up,
I like it when I see you blow it,
It’s like you’ve never played with a timer before,
A lot of people who can’t handle it drown,
But how slow can you go?
Slower then your mama’s ever seen it in her life time,
Never would’ve imagined did not even in her right mind,
Practice in front of that mirror,
Now you doing it on the Chess Board,
Mad cause I’m quicker than ya, these few seconds are your last chance (OH!)
I may not ever move slow so I speed it up kinda like a Chesster do,
But if you are tryin to win,
Then I might show you fools a thing or 2,
Yea I think your game subpar wit a move like that you gotta go,
Before you let me win,
There’s just 1 thing I gotta know…


How slow can you go? [8x]

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