"I Invented Chess"

"I Invented Chess"

Feb 10, 2010, 2:42 PM |

This goes out to the beautiful Queens:

Which one of yall,
Which which one,
Which which one of yall
Which one of yall goin' get mated by Chesster? 

See ya on the board ooh shawty
Movin past a King lookin at him all naughty
Then my Rook said wassup
Reach to steal a bishop and got a pawn
Bottles of ace till the break of dawn
Up in VIP wit all my Premium Members 
U leaned over with some bub said cheers
Girl when Chesster pull the Rook up
Off to the Castle shawty where we gon end up
Girl sit back relax hold up 
Let me Check Mate you thats what's up...

Girl you gonna think I invented Chess

Trentoewiburry.. we home baby..