An Assortment of Important Concepts

Feb 15, 2012, 12:52 PM |

     These links are to former NOHS player Stephen's (sjpdna) blog.  They are useful study/review for both beginners and advanced players.  Below are a brief description of some of the covered concepts.




+  Enpassant, Checkmate with a King and a Rook, and a useful pawn checkmate:


+  Castling, Scholar's (4-Move) Checkmate, and how to refute Scholar's Mate:


+  How to use Knights, how to combat Knights, How to NOT play the Bird Opening:

(NOTE: Board position #2 has an error in set up.  The bishop on square h3 is supposed to be a Knight.)


+  5 puzzles practicing concepts learned in demos #1 - #3:

(NOTE: There are numerous ways to solve board position #4.  Just look for the fastest one and learn something :))