A brilliant move! April 16, 2017

A brilliant move! April 16, 2017

Apr 16, 2017, 9:12 AM |

A brilliant move was played against me by horsch - it was a sweet simple move that caught me by complete surprise. Horsch was white and the 1st four moves went like this:

e4, e5

Qh5, g6 (this is where my inner Homer Simpson started to say "Doh!")

Qxe5+, Ne7

Qxh8, d5 

Play it out on a physical board to see the beauty of it.

I truly enjoy playing against my current opponents this week; each one of them amazes me with how skillful they are with Chess.

Mathiesh - he is going to be one of those quiet players that seem to come out of no-where to win a grand tournament.

Mzegilla - a brilliant mind who, no matter how hard I try, I can never actually "trap" 

maRioKuz - he and I seem to think alike, which means that the game will be based on who makes the least mistakes (don't place your bets on me)

Acarella - who I am playing fun matches, until he gets his Chess-legs under him. 

rokaki4 - she is fun to play against as she is creative and unpredictable with her moves.

If you are within the above players ranking, please challenge them as they are good opponents.


I am also still reading The Tao of Chess by Chess Master Peter Kurzdorfer, as I am one of those people who actually runs through the chess ups in the book. My wife keeps screaming at me as I have at least three different boards set up around the house.