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Alzheimer's and Chess

Alzheimer's and Chess

Jun 21, 2017, 12:36 PM 1

The past few months have been very, very crazy for me; I have to apologize to Mathiesh and Blackshogun for my sporadic playing time.

 One of the issues I am facing is my Father-in-Law's Alzheimer. A nasty disease that affects memory and decision making. My Father-in-Law used to love playing chess all the time, now he has problems remembering how each piece moves.

 I set up the chess board with him and it was difficult to watch as this brilliant man could no longer understand how a Bishop moves. But on the plus side he still remembered what en passant was.

 On a lighter note - since I can't play as much as I would love to on Chess.com; I have taken some time to paint large chess pieces. The picture attached to this day's blog is of a pawn.

 My niece came over and asked "Why did you paint all the pawns to look like you?" In a way I suppose she is right! So if you ever wanted to know what I look like just look at the attached picture. happy.png


 PS the eyes appear crooked when you zoom into the picture; the wife says it is an uncanny accurate picture of me.

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