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Alzheimer's and Chess Part II

Alzheimer's and Chess Part II

Aug 29, 2017, 12:58 PM 0

The picture above is my Father In-Law and while he still has his sense of humor, he no longer recognizes chess as a game he used to play. On the bright side he still enjoys things such as going to the aquarium, finding odd items at the beach, and boats of any kind.

I am finding more time to play chess (hurrah!) thanks to a new larger cell phone and the chess.com app. Still doesn't stop me from making goofy mistakes though.

A shout out to Mathiesh who I almost got into checkmate the last game we played. But as always he manages to sneak away and squish me. Darn good player especially in the late game. Give him a challenge or two.

I am also playing against Bulgierd who is also beating me senseless in chess. Good player give him a challenge.

As always I aim to improve my chess game, but I am not very good as of yet (more of an instinctual player than strategic one). Please feel free to give me a Daily challenge and the time of writing I am in the high 1100's.



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