Still learning! April 9, 2017

Still learning! April 9, 2017

Apr 9, 2017, 3:44 AM |

I found out a little bit about my own thinking - if I take my time playing Daily chess, I do somewhat OK. However, if I play in short live games like I did against my neighbor, I get destroyed. I am too impulsive when there is a time limit.

I love the lessons here at - a lot that is taught I generally see in my games. One of my favorite tactics learned is to get your rooks on open files. Rooks are deadly when they have space to run.

I have several Ebooks dealing with tactics; however, I grabbed a book called "The Tao of Chess" by Chess Master Peter Kurzdorfer. It is a fun read tying in Chess to everyday life.

This week's opponents:

Mathiesh - one of my favorites to play against. When I play against him I know that my brain is going to get a mental workout.

Mzegilla - He is a young man who is going to be a Grand Master one day

maRioKuz - He and I seem to think alike; right now in our game we both have our Kings, 2 Rooks and handful of pawns.

rokaki4 - You can tell that she really loves to play Chess. I like the fact that even though we play 14 Day daily chess, you can expect multiple moves from her each day. 

Acarella - highly aggressive energetic gameplay!


On a side note: I tried to get my Dachshunds to pose by my chess set so I could take a picture; they wanted to eat the pieces. So I took the above picture from the Internet