no sound

i can't get the sound on when i play. any advice?


  • 22 months ago


    for firefox users try disabling adblock plus for and let me know if that works for you

  • 2 years ago

    bigbaja is solution (for xp but I think it's similar in other windows):

    Open Your Control Panel.

    Open the Internet Options 

    Double click on "Internet Options" to open that section of the Control Panel. 

    Select the "Advanced" Tab 

    Scroll Down to Multimedia 

    Deselect the Play Sounds Option.


    Open again

    Option called "Play Sounds in Webpages" appears.

    Select it...Apply

  • 4 years ago


    I can't get the sound on when i play. any advice?  NYPartyCrasher

    Yeah tell people what OS, browser and device (PC, MAC, phone, etc) you're using and what type of ISP you have (although the ISP is probably not relevant here)

    See if anything in my blog helps several tips are good for routine maintenance even if they don't fix the sound, which may be a temporary glitch at this end. Your speakers are turned on, plugged in, and they work with other programs right?  (Don't be offended here I'm just parroting what any help file will have you check out to begin with)

    If the problem persists after you've tried a few remedies contact the staff directly via Help & Support

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