Jun 20, 2012, 7:10 PM |

Wow, I'm beside myself right now.  I have a feeling I might be jinxing my winning streak right now, but I have been playing surprisingly well these past several weeks.  I took a dive in the tactics trainer...(actually, I am suspicious of a discrepancy in the scroring system between the Online tactics trainer, and the Mobile App tactics trainer - maybe it's a time delay issue, but I LOSE more pts in the Mobile App for a FAIL, and gain FEWER points for a PASS, than I feel I normally would online). So since most of my recent tactics trainer sessions have been on the Mobile App, I dropped a LOT.

But the positive...I have done MUCH better in the Chess Mentor, learning more and more each day.  I have also been playing better opponents, and have been WINNING!

So about 2 weeks ago I crossed into the 1300 rating range, and am currently sitting at 1318.  As usual, I have a few expected losses looming, but - I find myself in the following situations more often now than I did a month or two ago...

  • Fewer blunders. I still make them, but I am finding they come less often.
  • Better tactics recognition. I feel I am seeing tactics earlier.
  • Book and Mentor "stuff".  Basically the stuff I am getting from the books I am reading (right now, TWO of them - both Silman's books...The Amateur's Mind, and his End Game course.)

So fo now, I'm happy with my progress, but you can't win them all.  My streak will soon end (as I know I am well behind in several current games), but these last 100 pts in rating have been enjoyable.