1400 - Denied?!?

Jul 31, 2012, 6:27 PM |

So WOW....I have had a string of wins, and against some tough opponents.  So much so that I am now on the brink of 1400 rating in Online Chess.  In fact....I *could* have hit 1400 2 hours ago....if it weren't for....


Yes - my opponent, who is 2 moves from bring checkmated (funny - I've already gone into Conditional Moves, and pre-moved EVERY combination available to him all the way to Checkmate) - went on VACATION.

He has faithfully moved within the 3 days allotted, usually in the 1-2 range, since our game started.  It's a Tournament game that, sadly, allows vacation.

So as I sit at 1394 rating....and click on the "Show Rating Change" link (+6 for a win!), and calculate - YES - I will hit 1400 in 2 HOURS!!!



Yes, he's been online numerous times.  yes, he has 6-7 OTHER games, also delayed by VACATION.

On a brighter note....I'm 1394 rating!!!!  I've been doing loads of Chess Mentor sessions, over and over.  I have been doing Tactics Trainer puzzles (although I am now CONVINCED that rating changes are bugged on mobile devices), and diligently reading two books - both by Silman - re-reading a couple chapters in "The Amateur's Mind", and purchases his End Game book on e+Chess Books for the iPad.  Here are a few things I've learned in the past 1-2 months...

  • Superior Tactical play REALLY CAN win games!  Most of my wins in my recent streak have come from superior tactical play.
  • Aggressive playing.  Silman talks a lot about not worrying about you opponent's plans (too much), and sticking with your plans.  Ignoring single-move (baseless) attacks, and pushing forwards for space to create imbalances, and/or take advantage of imbalances.  I have done my best to do all of these things, and I can tell you it's taken me from 1200 to 1394 (1400?!?!) in a very short period of time.
  • I have been slacking on live games.
  • I feel "less" skilled in opening theory since my recent games have been so long, they've been tactical battles for many moves.

1400 vs VACATION.