Lessons from my 1st chess.com turn-based tournament: Round 1, Games 1-2

Jan 5, 2016, 9:46 AM |

Opponent: Angsu_Saha_Ray (formerly known as Jibon_Devota)

Game 1: Narazadd x Angsu_Saha_Ray

I had decided to start my Repertoire as White with the English Opening, because it felt there wasn't as much theory to be learned as is the case of 1.e4 or 1.d4.However, a strong player once told me that it is not advisable for beginners to start with such positional openings. On one hand, it gives the illusion that you last longer in the game, because the combat between the armies takes longer to happen, but the reality is that when the tactical vision is flawed, you will eventually perish! Therfore, why not perish sooner and learn from your tactical mistakes right from the beginning?

In this game, I did fall because of flawed board vision. Basic skills such as immediatly identifying hanging pieces must be addressed right away!



Opening play: I missed completely the strategic plans for the English Opening, and I tried an ill-advised queenside expansion even before developing most pieces.

Tactics: Terrible! Missed a free rook and blundered my own later! This is symptomatic of a poor thought process and an even worse time management. With 48 hours avaliable to ponder over the game, I failed to do the most basic sanity check.

What I can learn from the game:

  1. I must check for hanging pieces (mine or the opponent's) at every move! Safety is priority number one!
  2. I must become aware of tactical shots which can deflect my defenders.
  3. I must be consistent with the strategic plans of my opening choice, and refrain from moving too many pawns before developing pieces.



Game 2: Angsu_Saha_Ray x Narazadd

Unfortunately, the opponent withdrew from the tournament before this game started.