Crafty Colorado

Sep 25, 2015, 1:25 AM |

Colorado Gambit, while may not be the most theoretically sound opening, regularly played at GM level, it’s a very aggressive and crafty opening for black that helps him take control the center.

Many players never met with this opening and that only adds confusion and surprise element to the already rich arsenal of weapons this opening has for black.

Another thing with this opening is it always seems to white that he can do serious damage if he attacks with his Queen early, because f5 move makes black king seemingly vulnerable, and it lures White to attack early with queen. Then I use his Queen to get tempos vs it, develop pieces, take complete control of the center and perform a crushing attack.

Here’s a Colorado gambit game I played a moment ago where I lured the opponent into attacking early with Queen, then followed with counterattack and DOMINATION

 P.S. Look at the position after 7 moves, black is ahead in development and not only controls the center but DOMINATES it…