The First Game of The Day Series

Sep 21, 2015, 11:44 PM |

Several days in row now I opened  the day with a beautiful game, so I plan to make it a series and dedicate a part of my blog to this phenomenon.

Now, how that happened?

Is there a secret activity happening during the night and sleep that get my game in order?

or its only that I am only  a great player? Perhaps the science will never know but nevermind its fascinating to think about it. So here it is.

For those not patient enough to observe it from the very beggining the true action starts around move 10 when I decided to, you guessed it right, SACRIFY( yes! I am a master and lover of sacrifices and king's  gambit offers a plenty opportunity to do so!) my light squared Bishop. 

Now, as one of my teachers have said, you gotta give credit when credit is due, because in the background of my  inspiring play was a loud music from the playlist you will find attached at the end of this post.

So before you throw yourself into this game turn the music on and you'll understand where I found the inspiration for such a brilliant play.