The messy start, perseverance and a brilliant finish


This game was a total mess from the very start... I tried pawn sacrifice then realized i can't go on with it because  if i did i would lose  the bishop, then in the next move i misplaced my knight, and blundered another pawn, plus i lost a couple of tempos because i had to put my knight back on its original square and my opponent used it very well to dominate the game, control the centre, develop and dictate the tempo of the game.

Whenever i would do a bad move in this game i was tempted  to give up, because although I am pretty good at recovering after blundering a piece or even 2, the trouble was i wasn’t down just a piece or 2 pawns, my whole position was awful, however i kept my calm, and continued confidently with my plan trusting my experience that there will be an opportunity for the attack and that eventually my overall solid skills and edginess of King's Gambit will prevail at the end. 

And that was exactly what happened. I jumped on the slightest opportunity my opponent gave me, took control over the game and finished him off in a brilliant fashion.