3000 Rated Chess Puzzles Made EASY
Chat helped me to crack those GM level puzzles.

3000 Rated Chess Puzzles Made EASY


What makes a Grandmaster of the royal game so much more different than a very careful "casual" player of the game? In this week's video, we go inside Grandmasters brains by solving a series of 3000+ rated puzzles. I must confess that the recurring themes were a (1) underpromotion, where we promoted to a rook instead of a queen, (2) Bishop and Knight Endgames, as we know Bishys are cool but winning these endgames require utmost technique, (3) Pawn endgames, because pawns are souls of chess and (4) Crazy accuracy, these puzzles are no joke, one mistake and it is GG, handshake, bai bai for you. 

I am serious.

5-star Yelp review from my chat.

If you want to see how we cracked those 3000 rated puzzles, feel free to watch the video below which was cropped and made suitable for those who like a generous touch of humor in their chess content.

WARNING: If you get easily triggered by low rated players being happy to find a correct move in high level puzzles, this might not be a suitable content for you. I recommend slowly clicking out from this window before you drop a hateful comment. Thanks

Everyone in the chat are now grandmasters in chess. Dear FIDE, no offense but we held an official ceremony and stuff.

Yep. We completed the highest level in chess. Next game please! 

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