New Music Album RESPECTFULLY Inspired By Chess Hits The Shelves Today!
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New Music Album RESPECTFULLY Inspired By Chess Hits The Shelves Today!

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Hey there, chess champs, serial blunderers and music mavens! Yours truly is thrilled to announce the debut of my first music album, aptly titled RESPECTFULLY.

The album contains 14 electrifying tracks, that will make you ponder your next chess move while tapping your feet or shaking your bonbon. Inspired by the strategic intricacies and the thrill of victory (or agony of defeat) on the chessboard, each track is a musical homage to the game we love!

Back cover of the album.

Now let's talk tracks! From the opening anthem, "Bishy Don't Preach" to the epic crescendo of "Eye of the Naycir" and the mind-bending twists of "I Forgot My Rook Existed," every song on this album is a journey in itself. Whether you are a grandmaster or a pawn in the endgame, there's something here for everyone. 

The album features some of the old classics such as "Revolver" Featuring Jay February.

"Not A Beginner, Not Yet A Master" mirrors the ups and downs of your chess journey.

And guess what? The buzz is already spreading like a wildfire! Critics are raving about RESPECTFULLY, likening it to iconic albums like Def Leppard's Hysteria and Guns N Roses  Appetite for Destruction.! Is  seems like the world is ready to embrace the sweet symphony of chess infused melodies!

Dive into the rhythmic battlefield yourself and experience the magic firsthand. Whether you're grooving to the beat or contemplating your next move against my evil twin Naycir-BOT, RESPECTFULLY promises to be an adventure unlike any other.


Join Naycir of the house Naycirian, the First of her name, Queen of Fluffy Paws and Happy Tails, Mother of Komodo dragons, renowned Komodo trainer and Chess Woman Tiny Master, the humble chess streamer.

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