The Dark Side of Naycir Bot

The Dark Side of Naycir Bot


You think you experienced every single emotion in chess: fear of flagging when you have a fraction of a second on the clock, nervousness of constant fear of mouse slips, fury of losing a completely winning game because of a one-move blunder, happiness after accidentally finding a winning tactic... I bet only few of you experienced a humiliation after losing against their own chess bot.

I have always regarded Naycir bot as my "evil" twin sister or my evil alter ego as she has that evilish gaze in her eyes, as if she's out there to hunt your king when you are asleep. In this video, I show the dark side of Naycir bot, where she plays 1.e4 as White, and, most importantly, she can find mate in checkmate in moves. As you probably remember from 1.d4 Players Hate This, I don't quite play 1.e4 e5 openings anymore. Also, as I mentioned in a previous video, I can confidently locate mind blowing "that took forever" kind of checkmates yet checkmate in one move is not my forte. *sigh* I cannot even tell if we are related anymore*

Using my aforementioned properties, I prove that Naycir bot is evil, she gained self-awareness and she's pretending like a 1300 but she will quickly snatch your king when you are not paying attention.

Magnus Carlsen ripped his shirt after this performance.(Comment down below when you see it)

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