The Move That Forever Changed Chess
VERY brief history of En Passant.

The Move That Forever Changed Chess

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Welcome to the wacky world of chess, where pieces move in bizarre and mysterious ways! 

Today, we're going to talk about a move called en passant, which literally means 'in passing' in French. This move is all about capturing pawns as they passes by, like a ninja sneaking up on its target.

En Passant and it's meanings
©Naycir (because I spent half an hour creating this image and I would be sad if someone steals it.)

I can hear you complaining! “This move doesn’t make any sense” or “Why it is even in the game?” or “Is this a glitch?”

Now LISTEN. Let's go back in time, when they introduced the rule that enabled the pawns can move forward two squares on their very first turn. This made the game a lot faster. However, everyone and their mother and their grandmother and their great grandmother and even their neighbor's cat started pushy pushy the pawns in the endgame and start making baby queens. 

A sad world without croissants:

In a way, pawns became too OP. They needed a way to nerf the pawns.

Don't be lazy. Watch the video so I don't have to type and perhaps become popular or something.

Watch this video so I can become rich and famous one day.

Happy world with croissants:

Well, that my friends, is the history of En Passant! Next time you see one, don't hesitate the eat the pawn and say EXCUSE-MOI ! (Maybe don't yell)
Share your favorite croissant moments in the comments down below! 

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