Trap Your Opponent's Queen With Smith- Morra Gambit!

Trap Your Opponent's Queen With Smith- Morra Gambit!

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Let's set some things straight. I am severely allergic to gambits. I start itching when I see one. Recently, I tried to be open minded about it and tried to accept most gambits as a part of richness of the game. Except the Englund Gambit, I don't think any level of open mindedness will help here.

How I imagine Gambit players irl.

Anyhow, it is difficult for me to admit, but I kind of don't mind the Smith-Morra Gambit against the Sicilian Defense opening (The Sicilian is Beth Harmon's favorite opening as Black). The reasons are simple. Even though white sacrifices a pawn out of opening, it is not very tricky and white has development advantage right from the beginning. Whereas black has a pawn for virtually no development. I think that's enough compensation.
Today we're going to cover only one line in Smith-Morra Gambit Accepted, that could potentially win Black's queen. Also as a public service announcement, if you are not careful in this opening, you can also get your queen trapped.

Just me being super profesh

Of course, chess is a rich game and there are many different ways to play this. Like instead of developing the horsey to f6, your opponent might choose to push the pawn to e5, which prevents e5 push by White and also makes some space for the black king for potential tactics with bishop. Or just instead of taking on e5 Black can simply play a move like Ng4.
What to do, chess is a rich game and things might not proceed this way. Actually, @WatsonChenney , who gave me the idea and inspiration to film this video reported that more than 2000 people fell for this trap, and Watson is a hella good player and a regular slayer of Naycir-Bot.
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