Game #1

Nov 26, 2008, 5:41 PM |











Alright the above game is the first one I'm going to bring under the microscope. Just a note that I won't be archiving ALL my games, but ones that I think stand out, win or lose. Anyways off to analysis!

One of the biggest tips I was given, and it makes total 100% sense to me was try to move my opening pieces once. looking above you see I tried to do just that, and it gave me much more control over the center, which allowed me a decent position in the middle game. However I did make a mistake one move 4, instead of moving my bishop I should have done pawn to c3. Getting that early check on me stopped me from castling.

Mistake #2, when I moved Nh4, I completely forgot about the open line Blacks Queen had to it. My oppenent seemed to forgot about it as well but noticed a couple turns later. That was a bad blunder on my part, and I gave up the piece for basicly nothing.

Up intill turn 11 I was contemplating the best method of attack, and intill that point I was just moving my pieces to cover as much ground as possible, hoping my oppenent would give me an opening via mistake. Then at the start of my turn 12 I looked to blacks kingside and thought, not nearly as many minor pieces over there, probably weaker. So I started to shift my pieces to attack kingside.

At the end of turn 13 my openent castles, driving his king further into the corner that I'm intending to attack.  So I push my pawn forward with the intent of breaking that pawn line, to expose a gap. Didn't think about the horse. I surveyed the board again and noticed the nice fork against his bishop and rook after Nb6. I ended up snagging both his bishops for my knight, which I thought was a good deal. 

After that I'm on line 17, and my instincts just went off. I've got both bishops sweeping towards the king, and a solid pawn structure to protect the whole attack. I'm thinking now a win cant be too far off. I'm starting to get excited which scared me at the same time, cause I know I tend to jump the gun when an idea hits me, especially under the pressure of a timed game. So I just start moving around to try and corner in that king.

At line 22, I've got the king nestled into the corner, but I'm looking at the pawn structure and the placement of his other pieces. Now I'm thinking if I could get my queen in there, I can easily beat him. I figured I'd give up my bishop to break a hole in his defenses, and if he took the bishop with his pawn, I'd open up a discovered attack on his queen via my rook! Bishop for queen trade, I'll take that! :D.


At this point in the game my phone rings, I pick it up and take a fast message knowing I'm still on the clock. But unfortunely this interupted my line of thinking and I completely forgot about the exposed queen and instead continued my assault on the king. Luckily I forced him to move with the check, which allowed me to snag that queen while I had the chance, although now I just threw away a bishop for nothing. (BLUNDER!) What even worse is that now I'm so focused on losing my bishop, I missed the free knight grab too! BAH!!

After that I get my queen in there, start playing around. At the end of line 31 I noticed a pattern from my ChessMaster software tutorial. A skewer between the king and knight once I made Qxh5+. Free knight, now I'm feeling better for my earlier blunders cause I'm actually starting to recongize the key patterns I was practicing in ChessMaster 10. After that point it's a cake walk for me, and I get the mate. 

Even though I made some serious errors in this game, at the end I was thoroughly pleased with myself as now I'm starting to recongize the patterns, and I'm starting to force my opponent to make the moves I WANT HIM to make :D.


Phew busy day, least I was able to get this blog in and that good game in. Nebri out!